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  • Anabel Rossi

2023 Coachella

Weekend one of Coachella 2023 shocked everyone in attendance. Between BLACKPINK’s historic set and Frank Ocean’s controversial performance, it’s still on everyone’s mind. These headliners were the most highly anticipated headliners that Coachella has ever booked while being accompanied by amazing performers like Blink-182, Remi Wolf, and MUNA.

BLACKPINK stunned the audience of Coachella and everyone watching at home. The Korean girl group shut down the second night of the first weekend with a historic, nearly two hour long set list comprised of the band’s most well known and successful hits. They opened their set with “Pink Venom” with an accompanying intro video and also performed well known tracks, "Kick It” and “Lovesick Girls.”

Frank Ocean had a performance that everyone will never forget. Ocean was a whopping 57 minutes late to his scheduled start time, and his performance was unexpectedly not live streamed, leaving millions of viewers extremely disappointed. Festival goers were also puzzled at the bundle of dancers walking in circles around the stage while trying to search for Ocean in the peculiar and view blocking stage design. People were and are still shocked at the bizarre performance from Frank Ocean, especially since it was his first performance in six years.

Many supporting performers had wildly successful sets throughout the weekend. Remi Wolf opened her Saturday performance with her hit song “Disco Man” and later went on to perform her number one popularity song “Photo ID.” MUNA took to the Mojave Stage, right before 5 PM. They had an electric set list and capped it off with their anthem “Silk Chiffon,” bringing Phoebe Bridgers as a surprise guest performer.

Coachella continues to completely dominate the music festival industry and this year was no exception despite technical and performer difficulties. Coachella profits have exceeded $100 million which also brings a great amount of traffic and profit to local businesses and restraints around the Indio, California area. The second weekend of Coachella kicks off on Friday April 21 at 12 PM where great music and memories will continue to be made.


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