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  • Keith Bunn

Bugatti Johnson Casts Light with “Outta Place”

Updated: May 28, 2021

Chicago-based hip-hop artist Bugatti Johnson issues positivity with his March 2021 release “Outta Place.” Combining a classic hip-hop groove with honest and personal lyrics, “Outta Place” travels to a higher place of gratification. Bugatti Johnson encourages people to get out of the rut they may be stuck in and take control of their own happiness. “Did it wrong, you can make it right,” Bugatti spits, announcing the end of allowing negativity to plague everyday life. He’s making it clear that he isn’t going to let trials and tribulations take him down, and he wants to inspire his fans to do the same.

“Outta Place” truly shines in the chorus, where Bugatti comfortably raps an unforgettable storm of emotion in an infectious melody that makes you want to drive fast and live free. Along with the positive message Bugatti is presenting, “Outta Place” packs a punch of exciting beats and raging fire that sends the track to full throttle.

Listen to “Outta Place” on all streaming platforms now!

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