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"Cold" by Chris Stapleton is the Perfect Heartache Ballad to Preview his Upcoming Album

Chris Stapleton is no stranger to songs of heartbreak - his recent single "Cold" is full of his signature soulfulness intertwined with mourning. The single is one of two released on New Music Friday from his upcoming album, Starting Over.

Stapleton sings lyrics of turmoil and confusion brought on by a woman who broke his heart over violins and pianos in a moody minor key. He asks her why she's being so distant, and "cold," towards him: "Why you got to go and cut me like a knife / And put our love on ice?" he belts in the chorus. His distinct rasp brings an angst to the lyrics that is perfectly heart-wrenching over the orchestral-like instrumentation. He harmonizes beautifully with his wife Morgane Stapleton, bringing extra power to his vocals.

He released the single along with "Starting Over" the title track of his upcoming album. They're the first two singles debuted from the project set for release on November 13 of this year. The album will be Stapleton's first full-length project since his 2017 projects, From a Room Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. He's been recording Starting Over in Nashville, but until its' release you can listen to "Cold" and "Starting Over" everywhere now.


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