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  • Anabel Rossi

Dane Louis Will Be The "Bad Guy"

Dane Louis is releasing yet another highly anticipated single. “Bad Guy” is Louis’ third overall released single, and second single released in 2023. His debut track “Whiskey Wears Off” was released in January of 2022 and has nearly 7,000 streams. Dane’s second single “Fire” was released at the top of 2023 and is topping his “Popular” song ranking on Spotify.

“Bad Guy” opens with an exciting, upbeat intro intro filled with ear catching drum fills and electrifying guitar riffs. Dane took more to his original country sound in this newest release compared to his country rock single “Fire.” Even with the change in voice tones, Louis is still very much in touch with his country rock side of his career.

Dane sings of being the “bad guy” when seeing the “good guy” with the woman of his dreams. He wants her to see hows hard he fell as he promises to “resurrect” her heart in an attempt to get back together with her.

Dane Louis continues to shock the country music industry with his talent and drive and will stop at nothing until everyone knows his name. Listen to “Bad Guy” on all streaming platforms now!

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