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Darshae Kiér shares his ‘Desire’

Get ready to groove with an upbeat musical journey with Darshae Kiér’s catchy track, ‘Desire.’ Beautifully crafted, this song is made of an exquisite musical arrangement and engaging lyricism. The track signifies that the turning point defines the result of love and loss. Relatable and easy-going, the artist has done a great job with the subject matter, while his meandering skills keep everyone enthralled. The song is enjoyable but the lines like “Try to find the answer / Got a door to either side” express the deep conflict between the heart and mind, between the logic and emotions. There is no doubt; that this single is one of the best musical projects by Darshae.

‘Desire’ appeared in his 2022 EP, titled ‘Gone.’ The EP consists of a total of 6 tracks, and each of them is a masterpiece. Singles like ‘Money,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Soldja,’ etc., are some of the best creations that churn out the authentic essence of new-age pop music. Hailing from Miami, Darshae Kiér is looking forward to coming up with more projects soon. Follow this artist on Spotify and Instagram to know more about his musical creations.

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