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"Getaway" with the Boom Box Brothers

The Boom Box Bros: Trio of Entertainment

The Hip-Hop Trio delivers a lively trip around the world.”

Northern Arizona-based trio The Boom Box Bros. offer a smack of Hip-Hop energy with their newest release “Getaway.” Featuring Chris Horrell who crafted the backing beat for the song, “Getaway” finds The Boom Box Bros. letting loose to reveal themselves as champions of blending Hip-Hop swagger rooted in Classic Rock muscle. “Getaway” focuses on the importance of retreating from ordinary occurrences in life to pursue relaxation and content. Taking you on a trip through a whirlwind of entertaining images, The Boom Box Bros. demonstrate their ability to craft their ideas into an enjoyable experience.

With the music video taking place entirely as though looking at an old-fashioned television, the scenery changes frequently as various travel destinations are displayed while The Boom Box Bros. spit brilliantly about taking a trip around the world. Known for clever lines and clean production, along with a vibrant live show that reveals the essential raw elements of Hip-Hop. The Boom Box Bros. are involved in what they love and keep doing what they do in order to keep the culture alive.

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