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Maika's Debut Single Release

Maika is a songwriter originating from Hamburg. She’s bilingual in English and German, equally happy to sing in both languages. Maika’s music is descriptive and warm and envelopes you in the experience of storytelling. The music wraps its arms around you and invites you to experience the emotions of the joys and pains of life. A place to be fragile and understood. It takes you on a journey that is designed to help you feel and interact with the story behind it. Her songs are music to connect to the places in your void.

Influenced at an early age by trailblazing songwriters from Kate Bush to Queen, people who wrote evocative music and were provocative performers. They share with her a sense of bringing a fresh sound that does not fit into the norms, but can still be very mainstream.

Rose's own vocal style is drawn on dynamics, lyrics and a sense of the theatrical. Drawn by the idea that lyrical dance focus' on the lyrics and the storytelling, Maika wanted to bring a video out that brings a different layer to her music. Dance allows her to accentuate things she feels are important and it makes you listen to her music differently. It’s anti the obvious. Lyrical dance follows the music, not the other way around. She’s not here to conform, but to unbox herself and her music, out of the obvious and into the new. Her upcoming Debut Single ‘Your Smile’ is part of an EP that will be released throughout the year. The EP is an expression of herself, coming to lie comfortably between the realm of Lyrical Pop and Singer-Songwriter, venturing into art-pop and avant-pop. ‘Your Smile’ will be released on the 12th of March 2021, and is one of the brighter songs of the EP. Its harmonies and vocals skilfully underline the story of an unrequited love. The adjacent video tells their story through the lens of Lyrical Dance.

‘Your Smile’ takes you on a journey of growth within the story of an unrequited love, leaving you feeling empowered and free, if a bit wistful for what could have been.


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