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  • Keith Bunn

Midnight Trust Finds Their Groove with “I Think”

Rising Nashville based indie-pop band Midnight Trust delivers a whirlwind blow of slow-burning production and pop magic with their brand new single “I Think.” Featuring their new lead singer Jef Bjarnson, Midnight Trust embraces a new-age sound drenched in old-school soul. Holding true to themselves with their newest single, “I Think” pulls from influences in bedroom pop, R&B, and a hint of jazz. “I Think” feels like a dream you don’t want to wake up from with its steady drum beat, and brilliant guitar riffs engulfed in a soothing paradise.

“I think I want to … to get to know you,” Midnight Trust playfully declares, eager to learn more about this unknown person. It’s the simplicity of the lyrics and nostalgia-soaked emotion that captures the feeling of reminiscing on first love and the complexities of life. “I Think” lights a spark for Midnight Trust and establishes them as an indie-pop trendsetter.

“I Think” is available now! Midnight Trust will also be releasing their first EP later this year!

To stay connected with Midnight Trust, follow them on Instagram @midnighttrust!

Find them on Linktree:


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