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  • Bryn Keeney

Nate DiRuzza: A Heartbreak Romeo

Updated: Mar 28

Novelistic singer-songwriter, Nate DiRuzza put the misery of heartbreak in his most recent single “Heartless.” With the release of the music video, he has perfectly complemented his unique sound. The steamy video pairs the rock’n’folk Romeo’s heartfelt lyrics and groovy 70’s tune with an aesthetic that matches and a provocative storyline that keeps you on your toes.

Filmed at The Wonder Woman Cave in Nashville, TN, the music video features pillow fights, a game of Twister, some champagne and a little bit of heartbreak...obviously. DiRuzza hit the nail on its head with incredible outfits that perfectly complemented the 70’s aesthetic of the room. Paired with the main guitar lick that sounds like the track itself it crying, this music video is tribute to DiRuzza’s entertainment and storytelling abilities.

"The recording sounds as if I took that misery I felt and put it into music. The tempo of the song,the crying PRS electric, the soft keys underneath, and the beat sounds exactly how I was feeling." says DiRuzza.

The video supplements the raw emotions already heard in the track, and together the two tell the raw story of an emotional heartbreak.

See for yourself:


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