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Exclusive Interview with New York City Based Artist, Rosie Dean

I have discovered a new sense of self, and an acceptance and love for the person I am

Rosie Dean- A multi-hyphenated artist originally from the UK, based in New York City. She's always had a huge passion for all things entertainment but at long last jumping head first into her music and couldn’t be happier! She's dropping her debut EP on April 1st called “All Grown Up”- which is a relatable collection of 4 songs tackling aging, growing apart, moving on from toxicity, and healing from pain. She's really excited for this music to get out there and hopefully resonate with her present and potential followers out there!

Who are you taking a page from when it comes to achieving your music goals?

My music goals are more short-term than the big picture… I’m focusing on spreading my influence, connecting with curators of blogs and playlists, booking some fun gigs… making strides on the daily to up my game as an artist. I look up to artists like Billie Eilish and Doja Cat for the emphasis they place on their visuals- And as my career blossoms and opportunities grow, I really want to create music videos and visualizers for my music that match all the wild things I imagine in my head. What do you have your heart set on for your music career? I definitely want to evolve with each project I produce. I love the idea of aesthetics shifting and sounds swaying as time goes on. I’ll be happy if I can continue to identify new parts of myself and bring them forward in my art! When are you finishing up your next project? My EP “All Grown Up” is officially DONE and set to come out April 1st! I plan on rocking with these songs, creating cool visuals with them, and performing this material around NYC through spring. In summer I’m hoping to start the next chapter. How do you respond to obstacles in the music making process? I’m working really hard on not getting frustrated when things don’t go as imagined. I have a history of being really hard on myself so… gotta unlearn that. Sometimes the best art comes from “mistakes!” What does it take to apply all your focus in making a project come to fruition? When it comes down to it, I really just need to wholeheartedly believe in the stuff I’m making. When I wrote “All Grown Up” I was alone, cat-sitting for my parents while they were away in England. Two of my beloved relatives had just passed and I felt so many emotions all at once- so I threw myself into music because it was the only way I could think of to turn a negative into a positive. What are you gaining from spending your time on ultimately doing what you love? I have discovered a new sense of self, and an acceptance and love for the person I am. I’m more confident in my writing, and I can genuinely hear the progress I’ve made in my music over just about a year! Are there any other passions aside from your music that's getting your attention? I love acting- that’s always been one of my greatest passions- but I’m so excited to put it on the back burner for a bit and explore my other main interest. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without music… and I hope by making this EP and sharing these feelings with my audience I can make an impact. Leave links here: Link tree: Pre-save link to EP: Instagram:


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