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Ashley Barron Perfectly Captures Breakup Complexities in "Let Me Go"

Country artist Ashley Barron gives the saying "if you love something, let it go" a new meaning in her newest single "Let Me Go." The honest ballad details the painful end to a relationship - she captures perfectly the complexities of learning to let go.

In the song, Barron pleads with her significant other to be the one to end the relationship, because she doesn't feel capable of doing so. "I'm not strong enough to face it but this path we're taking / It's taking us right down two different roads," she laments in the chorus. She continues, begging him to let her go because she feels so strongly for him. Her raw voice rings with vulnerability and warmth over the violin-filled track driven by the steady beat of percussion and guitar - all together driving her sentiment home. Breakups are rarely black-and-white, and Barron depicts the same inner conflict so many have had with themselves with authenticity.

Barron is known for incorporating her own life experiences into her music - her conversational tone brings a comforting sense of relatability to listeners. "Let Me Go" is Barron's most recent single following the release of "Beer in a Bar" in February of this year. Be sure to check her out below, and download and stream "Let Me Go" everywhere now!


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