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  • Brelan Fitzpatrick

Beyonce Knows How to “Cuff It”

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It is no surprise that Beyonce is in the top charts for her retro inspired song “Cuff It.” The song’s title is a slang phrase meaning to take ownership of something. Giving us a mix of funk, dance and pop, “Cuff It” reminds listeners of dancing under a disco ball in the roller rink. Although a different style than Beyonce’s usual r&b pop, “Cuff It” seems to be well loved by fans as it is still topping charts six months since its release.

“Cuff It” is the newest high energy going out anthem. Beyonce immediately tells her intentions when she kicks off the song with the opening line, “I feel like fallin’ in love.” “Cuff It” recently won best R&B Song at the 2023 Grammy Awards where Beyonce won her 32nd Grammy, granting her the title of the most awarded Grammy winner.

Renaissance is Beyonce’s seventh studio album and most recent release since Lemonade’s release six years prior. Beyonce recently teased fans with the announcement of a Renaissance world tour coming in 2023. It’s time to put your dancing shoes on and get ready to cuff some tickets.


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