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  • Anabel Rossi

Chad Bushnell Put His "Whiskey to Work"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In his recent single, released in early February of 2023, country singer-songwriter, Chad Bushnell, is telling everyone about how he can put his “Whiskey to Work.” After being released to the music industry for only a short time, Bushnell’s 8th studio single has already jumped up to the 7th place spot on his Spotify “Popular” ranking. The country singer has also made his name heard on the Christian music charts as well. His 2020 single “What Would Jesus Do,” off his EP Baby I love You, topped the Christian Weekly Chart at number one for the month of December, topping over George Strait and Lauren Alaina.

The honky tonk, dancing song, “Whiskey to Work,” was distilled with great humor and lots of Chad’s country charm. Grab your cowboy boots, hit the dance floor and rock out to the song here.

The song grabs the listeners attention with the first beat drop of the electric guitar and the powerful strikes of the tom-tom drums. The self proclaimed “drinking machine” shouts his humorous lyrical writing by expressing his immense love for dark liquor. Keeping it on him at all times in his boots, at church, and even being baptized by the richness of the “40 plus happy hour.” It doesn’t matter if you are in a bar, square dancing, or in the gym, this is the song that everyone is listening to right now. The perfect combination of rock and country, along with its upbeat tempo and exciting melody will keep this song in everyone’s headphones and rattling anyone’s speakers.

To accompany his latest single, Bushnell is releasing his second studio album, “Whiskey to Work” on March 24th of 2023. As the title track to this album continues to soar throughout the country music scene, prepare for what Chad Bushnell is going to infused the rest of the album with… maybe some liquor from the flask in his boot.


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