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Chelsey James Shows Strength in New Single 'Steady'

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Chelsey James captures a new level of strength, intimacy and honesty with her brand new release, "Steady." Falling in love is easy, but it takes a steady hand to hold onto forever.

Expertly deviating from her high-octane, whiskey soaked anthem "Must've Been Drunk,""Steady" stokes a slow burn fueled by James's gut wrenching vocal prowess and unapologetic vulnerability, as displayed in the "Steady"exclusive premiere with COWGIRL Magazine.

"Her music packs a full-throttle punch, creating a place in country music for badass, edgy females," (COWGIRL Magazine/Carly Billington).

With every release, Chelsey James reveals a new layer of her artistry, each more endearing than the last. And with "Steady," she shows there is strength in vulnerability, as she releases her most intimate song to date.

"This is by far the most personal song I've ever written,"James reveals. "Love is this universal enigma, I think everyone defines it differently, but for me, it comes down to the fact that the people I grew up leaning on—my parents and my family—won't be around forever. That's a really painful truth about life that we all have to accept, and it really hit me for the first time after my aunt passed away. I was standing in a room full of people that had always been constants in my life, and I asked myself... who do I want standing next to me when this room empties out? Who do I want by my side through the inevitable and the uncertainty? If you have an answer to that, you know what love is."

Watch the official music video below!

Listen to "Steady" – available everywhere now:

For more on Chelsey James, visit and connect with @chelseyjamesmusic on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & YouTube!


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