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Chloe Styler and Her Latest Release “Read A Room”

The Australian country-pop artist tells the tale of ghosting, situationships, and everything in between.

The Gold Coast native Chloe Styler is making waves in the Country-Pop scene with her latest single “Read A Room.” Borned and raised in Kingsland, Chloe has been listening to country music before she could even read. Self-taught on the guitar, she began writing songs as a teenager and released her debut EP in her twenties. Pushing the boundaries of country, the singer-songwriter adds a hint of pop, establishing her distinct sound.

After independently releasing her EP “Side B,” she quickly got nominated for Release of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards. The country-pop star dazzled audiences on the Spotlight Stage during the renowned CMA Fest and participated in two Sounds Australia showcases in Nashville. This included a memorable debut performance at The Bluebird Café as part of Americana Fest, digging her boots into the country music scene.

Her latest single, “Read A Room” highlights situationships, the modern day love story, and getting ghosted. This young artist emphasizes the trickiness of the beginning of a love story, and the heartbreak that quickly follows. The lyrics serve as a raw and honest reflection of the emotional toll that ghosting takes, and when you are left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. This song serves as a relatable anthem for all women who have never gotten a call back.

Since her debut of her first project in 2017, Chloe has amassed over 270,000 streams across all platforms. Her talent not going unnoticed, she was nominated at both the Queensland Music Awards and the Gold Coast Music Awards, along with reaching the finals of the Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition. Chloe Styler's music embodies innovation and originality, continually pushing boundaries with each new release, exploring uncharted territories of the music industry.


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