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D.P.S. Is Not Looking For Anyone Else in “Never Gonna Give U Up”

“D.P.S. offers an old-school Hip-Hop track with the fire of modern emotion”

Philadelphia-based rapper D.P.S. offers up an explosion of contagious rhythm and larger-than-life electronic beats with his newest release “Never Gonna Give U Up.” An old-school Hip-Hop track with the fire of modern emotion, “Never Gonna Give U Up” aims to showcase the love that so many hold in their heart for their significant other. Proclaiming that his love is real and sincere, D.P.S. spits “your heart inspired mine to be true.” Insisting on the change that love encouraged him to follow, D.P.S. offers a solid testimony to waiting for “the one.” Finding his groove cemented in old-school Hip-Hop influence, D.P.S. paints himself in a more introspective light with “Never Gonna Give U Up.” He lyrically dribbles the beat down an open court, riding the line to achieve a lyrical slam dunk.

Not afraid to be genuine and honest in his songwriting, D.P.S. delivers relatable storytelling with “Never Gonna Give U Up” that features his most candid outlooks on love and life. Anyone madly in love can feel the connection through the lyrics of his own life experiences. Pairing soulful Hip-Hop with eloquent lyricism, D.P.S. puts words to loving emotion with “Never Gonna Give U Up.”

To stay connected with D.P.S., follow him on Instagram @dapsychoticsoulja!

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