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Dariann Leigh Connects With Listeners In Personal New Single “Jackson”

Dariann Leigh's latest single "Jackson" bottles up a childhood story and turns it into a message of finding paradise and purpose in life through the shots we’re given along the way.

The song has Leigh introducing us to her upbringing in northern Minnesota with her parents and three older brothers. While explaining the inspiration behind the song, Leigh exclaims “I was born and raised in a small town in northern Minnesota, graduated one of 14 in my high school class. Raised in a town that doesn’t have a stoplight…Really, there’s no stoplights. Just stop signs. I realized that whenever I talked about my hometown, people were always intrigued with how I grew up, being from a place so small. Putting a part of my childhood into a song, became ‘Jackson’”.

“‘One more shot of Jackson’’ to me has so many meanings. It could be that second sip from that glass, or one more shot at a chance to chase your dreams. It can mean whatever you want it to mean”.

The song maintains a personal connection to her time growing up, but also as to what can happen in the future and how we aren’t in control of everything that happens to us as she simply puts it

The song also explores these thoughts as Leigh explains how she always thought ‘things in life were either faith, or fate. Maybe it was meant to happen one way or the other, or maybe it was a message from the big man upstairs’.

Truly personal, the lyric video of "Jackson" showcases home videos from Dariann's childhood through various stages of life. Watch it below!

For more on Dariann Leigh, visit and follow her @dariannleigh on social media.


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