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  • Shannon McNaughton

Dariann Leigh Receives Ambiguous Response From Listeners Through Release Of, “Leave”

Dariann Leigh has confirmed her ability to write vulnerable lyrics that strike us at the core with new single, “Leave.” The single highlights an accessible story of changing for someone you love, just for them to leave you. The opening chorus sings:

You can’t make me different and just leave, and just leave

You got what you wanted out of me

Tell me was it worth it, you left me deserted

Begging on my kneed trying to find me

Leigh has received quite the response from the release with over 65,000 Spotify streams since its release less than a month ago on March 18th. Leigh is passionate about creating lyrics that capture listeners and inspire others through her determination to establish herself as an assertive woman in country music.

To learn more about Dariann, check out her website:

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