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  • Shannon McNaughton


"From sea to shining sea, I know you're out there fighting"

(Photo Credits: Justin Mayotte)

From the depths of her own personal experiences, artist Dariann Leigh crafts a melody to thank those who serve our Country. "10,000 Miles" is a chronicle of the Leigh's personal struggle with, "Having someone you love far away from you" and "not knowing where they."

The song was written on the bathroom floor of a hotel, where Leigh pens down vulnerable lyrics to express the struggle of loving someone who's "10,000 Miles" away.

“Sharing the true meaning behind ‘10,000 Miles’ has been really important to me because everyone’s story is unique and beautiful,” reveals Leigh. “The one you love being ‘10,000 Miles’ away isn’t easy by any means. But knowing people are relating to my writing, and finding validation in it is truly an honor."

Dariann Leigh also released a capturing video to help us understand the emotions of the song. The music video pictures heartfelt photos and video's of military-family fans.

Dariann Leigh's website:

Follow along with Dariann's journey by checking out her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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