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Dariann Leigh Teasing Fans on New Single

Dariann Leigh is releasing her new single "Let Me Go," and has been dropping hints on social media for a while. Dariann is from a small town in Minnesota and records music in Nashville. Within the last few moths, 20- year-old Dariann Leigh has been featured on The Boot, Country Rebel, and celebrated her CMT debut with the world premiere of her music video, "Closer." On Instagram and Facebook, Dariann posted lines from her new single on her glamorous selfies to promote "Let Me Go." On two separate posts, she captioned, "Release me, oh leave me alone," and "you can't take a piece of me." She also posted a short but fierce video to promote the single that says, 'a new chapter'.

To Dariann, music is much more than just music. "As a kid, I remember closing my eyes, plugging my headphones in and listening to tracks that ended up being the theme songs to my daydreams," said Dariann Leigh. "I want to be that artist for someone else." She said when she writes music, she envisions writing soundtracks for all of the hairbrush singers, air guitar platers, and dashboard drummers. Keep an eye out for more teasers from Dariann Leigh on her social media platforms.


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