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"So even on bad days, they are really not that bad since I am doing what I love"

What do you take extremely seriously when it comes to your music? Melodies. I started to realize early on that melodies are what makes a song catchy, and if a song is catchy, then you're going to listen to it a lot. If I cannot whistle one of my songs, then it won't come out. The other thing I take really seriously is the quality of the beat. Usually people send me beats and I go over them with a fine tooth comb. The beat needs to be really catchy and well done or else it is a complete waste of time. Luckily, I work with really talented producers, so I do not have to really worry about it.

What can you be lax about when it comes to your music? I don't force anything anymore. If a song is not working out, then I scrap it pretty quickly and move on. There are a handful of times where I will push through and really focus on making something happen, but every time I have done that, I end up not really liking the song as much. Some of my best and most successful songs have been recorded in less than an hour. When things are clicking, then everything just falls into place. Who is the most demanding about your music? Close friends. It is funny when you start making music, people all of sudden want you to carry out their ideas. Like my dad will say, "you should do a song with just piano" or whatever. I just pretty much listen to everyone's opinion and do nothing about it. If I hear a piano song in my head, then I will do it. My favorite is when you are with friends and a song comes on that isn't yours and they say "why don't you just make a song like this". I'm always just like "yeah I will". hahaha. What demands do you make of yourself when you need to keep on the right track? I treat this like it is a full time job. Good days and bad days, I am in the studio for 8+ hours a day. I have done a lot of jobs that I do not like, and I did them for a while. So even on bad days, they are really not that bad since I am doing what I love. How do you figure out what needs to change rather than just adjusted? Halfway through recording, go back and listen to the song in its entirety, and if it feels bumpy or uncomfortable, then change it. With me, it is usually in regards to a vocal melody. If it isn't flowing right into the next section, then it will be very obvious. Coming from your hometown, how does it influence the music you make? I have lived in a lot of places. I am not really sure what my hometown is. I was born in Iowa and lived there for 12 years, then I moved to North Carolina and lived there for 14 years. Then I moved to Memphis for a year and a half, and now I live in Nashville. That being said, I do pull from all of those places. Nostalgia is very real. Going back to Iowa in the summer and seeing 9 foot tall corn stalks for miles brings me back to being a kid. I remember when things seemed simple. Going to North Carolina and seeing the mountains or ocean or even going to the lake is so peaceful. It is cool to escape there and reminisce on growing up. I guess that is where I pull the inspiration from. Going back always sparks nostalgia and that comes out in my music. Are there any other influences you pull from? Pop punk music and now even some country music. Unfortunately, it feels like the hip hop world is so saturated with the same thing that if you don't pull from other genres, then you're just going to blend in with everyone else. That is always a struggle, but for me personally, I can't just keep doing the same thing. That's why all of my music sounds different. How are you trying to make sure you do the right thing for yourself and your art? Keep people out of it. I have a small circle and do not really plan on opening that up. Give us all the details of how to support you!

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