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  • Bryn Keeney

Finding Happy with The Pretty Wild in their Debut Single

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Sister duo, The Pretty Wild, has released their debut single "Xanax and Champagne."

The lyrics of the single follow a character that realizes that the 'perfect' life isn't actually perfect. Turning to Xanax and champagne to find the happy left in the house.

"It's a party for a while. Pair of shades and a smile."

But, while every other girl would kill to be in her shoes, the character is finding that "there's only one way to laugh instead of crying."

These lyrics, while playful and cheeky, bring up an important topic that is effecting many people in our world today. The Pretty Wild's unique sound and ability to approach topics like this in such a way is rare and gets the conversation started. The duo stands out with these incredible abilities and their strong, confident personalities that empower their audiences to be comfortable with themselves.

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