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"Fine" by A'Rose and Z'Cano is a Contagiously Confident Anthem

Nashville artists A'Rose and Z'Cano released their collaboration single "Fine" last month, and it's a mood boosting anthem that radiates confidence in all the best ways.

The lyrics are full of self-assurance - they assert a refusal to be walked all over or flaked on. The song is about knowing your worth, and being confident enough to stand up for yourself."Better be worth my time / Better be committed 'cause baby I'm fine," A-Rose sings smoothly in the chorus. She sings the witty yet sassy lyrics over the contagiously feel-good track full of upbeat effects - it's the perfect anthem to belt along to when you need a confidence boost.

"Fine" is A'Rose's most recent single since her release of "Blush" in June of this year. This is the first project Z'Cano has been a part of since 2019 when he released "Dangerous" with Madalyn Martin. Download and stream "Fine" everywhere now for a pick-me-up, and be sure to check out the artists below!


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