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Get a sample of SAVARRE’s superb talent by streaming ‘Awake’

The 2020 release via XIII Records called “Awake” from SAVARRE is an enduring and hard-hitting track that is addictive and enticing. With the mind-blowing single “Awake,” the ‘Spectra Rock’ outfit demonstrated that they know how to generate a hit.

After just one listen, you will realize that SAVARRE is capable of anything when it comes to music. And, of course, “Awake” is not the typical song you’re used to streaming.

Without a doubt, the influential tune will provide you with something unique and unexpected. When the song begins, the music will hit you in the face with the force of an EF5 tornado.

Following that, a brief pause reminds the audience that they are imprisoned in the eye of the musical storm.Having said that, attempting to resist the song’s influence is pointless.

After another short pause, the track progresses in an unusual manner. Instead of hard-hitting music and aggressive vocals, “Awake” takes a different approach with tranquil music and soothing vocals, although this is only temporary.

Needless to say, this song will transport the listener on an electrifying rollercoaster ride filled with fascinating twists and turns.Now, you can refresh and upgrade your boring playlist with the exciting releases by SAVARRE. “Awake” is available for streaming, along with their other hits like, ‘Unbeautiful’ and ‘Scars.’


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