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Get Your Christmas Groove on with Josh Christina’s Cover of “Christmas With You"

Not sure what your Christmas is going to look like this year? Josh Christina has your back with his spin on this groovy R&B Christmas tune “Christmas with you". While the uptempo track of the song sounds rather cheerful, the song is all about hoping to spend it with that special someone but who knows if that’s going to happen! He sings: “Will I be with you this Christmas? Maybe Yes and maybe no.”, giving us the perfect lyrics to relate to right about now in this very unusual year. This Chucky Berry cover is full of bluesy guitar lines, roaring organs, Josh’s sonorous vocals reminding us of the King personally and leads up to a high flying piano solo guaranteed to take you out of your worrisome mind. At the very end of the song, Josh finds a little solace in the fact that at least we can still tell each other what matters: "But If I just can’t be with you let me call you on the phone child. Just to tell you I still love you”. “Christmas With You” is as brilliant as relevant and will get you going while you’re baking those cookies, even if you can’t share them this Christmas. But we’ll probably get over that part right?

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