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"Gossip Queen" by Zhakilina Shares an Empowering Sentiment

Alternative-soul artist Zhaklina uses her music as a way to uplift listeners with inspiring messages. The Nashville-based artist's recent single "Gossip Queen" does just that. Featuring Bobby Spencer, the powerful song holds a message that will stick with you.

Her lyrics are vulnerable and honest, exploring the feelings of frustration that come from knowing that rumors are flying. "Aren't you tired / of this energy dragging down our souls?" She asks in the second verse. However, she urges her fans to not let it get to them in. Her bright, distinctive voice belts smoothly over the heavy drums and uplifting guitars, making the song empowering and impactful. She features Bobby Spencer, who helps to make the song even more deep in emotion.

The inspirational song reminds listeners that they are not alone, and shares that you shouldn't worry about what others think. This is Zhaklina's most recent release since her 2019 EP 17 Reasons Why. She uses her music to bring awareness to mental health and encourages self-love. You won't want to miss the emerging artist's music - check her out here: and stream "Gossip Queen" everywhere now.


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