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Halle Kearns' "I Drink Whiskey"is an Honest Country-Pop Anthem

Emerging country-pop artist Halle Kearns recently released her second single "I Drink Whiskey"on September 11. The single is the second released by the Nashville-based rising star, following her debut single "Pick Me Up," and it's a perfectly relatable country-pop anthem.

In the catchy track, Kearns details all of the occasions she drinks certain drinks - beer for five o'clock, wine in church, tequila on a Mexican beach - but there's only one reason for her to drink whiskey. "The only thing that saves me is down in Tennessee / Baby, you're the reason I drink whiskey," she sings in the chorus, revealing the many things her love interest does to drive her crazy enough to save the drink just for times when he's driving her crazy. She sings the conversational lyrics over a sweet melody. The track features a twangy country guitar combined with a driving pop beat, perfectly conveying her sentiment.

"I Drink Whiskey" is Kearns' second single following her debut track "Pick Me Up" released in July. Within its first four weeks, it's already gathered over 100,00 streams and gained features on Radio Disney Country and Country Hits Radio in the UK. The vibrancy and warmth she is known for shines through in her work - her distinct voice brings honesty and relatability to her music. She captivates her audience through the passion that feeds her incredible talent. You can download and stream "I Drink Whiskey" everywhere now.

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