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John Vento Continues Productive 2021 Streak with “Let God Drive”

Versatility and thought-provoking music are the highlights of John Vento’s music, seeking to explore new styles and music forms with each release. As a member of Nied’s Hotel Band and as a solo artist, John Vento has won accolades for his diverse collection of music as well as the hearts of his adoring fans.

Towards the end of 2020, John Vento announced the release of his latest album, Brick by Brick. He pledged to release a track every month until the final release of the complete album in mid-2021, and he has not fallen back on that promise. “Let God Drive” is the seventh track that the veteran Pittsburg artist has released off the Brick by Brick album, following in last month’s release of another successful track, “New Mexico Way”.

While in a similar Americana singing style and similar in style to his previous releases, it could not have been any more different if it had been performed by another band altogether. The song is distinctly gospel, combining elements of country gospel with traditional gospel choral vocals. His Americana singing style is still audible in the music but is washed in a different light amidst the vocal harmony presented by the accompanying choir.

“Let God Drive” is a fulfillment of a promise John Vento made during a trying period in his life where he lost his voice following a major surgery. In that state of despair, he vowed to dedicate a gospel song to God if he was able to sing, a promise that he fulfills in his latest single release.

Even without attaining a full vocal recovery, John Vento remains a major force to reckon with in Pittsburgh and beyond, and his family and fans alike only hope it will get better from there.


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