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Jordan Francis Explores a Rollercoaster of Emotions in "Crazy"

Nashville-based artist Jordan Francis's newest single, "Crazy," is about the rollercoaster of emotions experienced while trying to hold on to a relationship. Full of honesty and realness, this is a track everyone can find themselves in.

The lyrics explore the feelings that come from being afraid at the start of rekindling an old relationship. Francis reflects on the past: "I went crazy looking in your eyes / Hoping everything's okay," she sings in the chorus. She still struggles with the past, but is hopeful that they'll be able to hold onto each other. "I know we're strong, I know I was wrong / I'm finally with you after so long," she continues. The vulnerable lyrics are given strength through the authenticity in her voice. Over the ballad-like track driven by a gentle piano and steady percussion, Francis's sentiment shines through.

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Francis moved to Nashville in 2016 to pursue her career in the music industry at Belmont University. She's a memer of the band Restless Few, upcoming pop-country band recently having released their debut single. Check her out below, and be sure to download and stream "Crazy" everywhere now.


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