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Jordy Searcy's New Song is "Everything We Want" - Literally.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Jordy Searcy, Nashville’s charming singer-songwriter, has been posting about the single he's dropping at midnight, “Everything We Want” and, not to be cheesy but for his fans, it is everything we want.

Traveling with Ben Rector for the Joy of Music tour right now, his Instagram captions hold a tempting promise, “Pre-save and I might buy you a Ben Rector ticket”; an intriguing incentive, no doubt.

A recent Jordy post has him jamming to “Everything We Want” in the tour van. Searcy describes the song as 'a party', then turns the camera on Ben Rector and Stephen Day in the front seats, unphased by Jordy’s private party in the back.

"Everything We Want" may just be the 'song of the summer' with its beachy vibes and upbeat tune. The charming, quirky video clips Jordy has teasingly posted offer fans a nostalgic reminder of beach days and summer romance. Jordy’s captivating voice combined with summery strumming has got the song stuck in our heads, and fans cannot wait to download it.

“Everything We Want” is guaranteed to be a windows down, sun in your hair, car-banger. You can pre-save now for a chance to get a free Ben Rector ticket, or you can stare eagerly at the clock as you wait for it to drop at midnight on all streaming platforms.


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