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Josh Gallagher Finds His Silver Lining in "Bright Side"

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

"Bright Side" by Josh Gallagher, Available April 7

Josh Gallagher enters into a new era with his April 7 single "Bright Side"— the first taste of his upcoming project. Having previously released 2 EPs, Josh Gallagher[2019] and Turn Around Town [2020], "Bright Side" will serve as an introduction to Gallagher's debut full-length album. Josh Gallagher has crafted his entire career around one-upping himself, constantly striving to outdo his own catalog, and "Bright Side" maintains his authenticity while simultaneously challenging everything his fans have heard before. "Is it lame if I say that this song is just different?" Gallagher jokes, "It's not what you might expect, but at the same time, it's very much me. I hope it leaves people a little bit thrown, I don't really want to have a predictable sound or style, so this is a fun one." Gallagher has openly and truthfully stated that at least one song on every project he'll ever release will be dedicated to his wife, and "Bright Side" is a testament to not only a rock solid relationship, but a lifelong partnership. Since there are only so many ways to tell someone you love them, Josh Gallagher got creative alongside co-writers Mark Addison Chandler, Dan Alley and John Caldwell. With profound simplicity, Gallagher observes, "she's the bright side." "Bright Side" is available now for pre-save/pre-order [] and will impact all digital platforms on Wednesday, April 7. For more, visit, join the CAMO CREW, text Josh Gallagher at (615) 205-6760 and stay connected with @joshgallaghermusic on Facebook & Instagram.


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