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  • Anabel Rossi

Luke Combs is "Growin' Up"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When stepping into the studio, Luke Combs never misses with pulling at the heart string of all of his listeners. Combs’ third studio album Growin’ Up was released on June 24, 2022. It debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 and at No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart. It sold 74,000 album equivalent units and was deemed the highest country album in 2022. The track list consist of 12 songs including leading singles “Doin’ This,” “The Kind of Love We Make,” and “Going, Going, Gone.”

“Doin’ This” was the first single released from Combs’ newest album. Released in mid November of 2021, “Doin’ This” took the radio stations by storm and filled listeners heads with its catchy and heartfelt lyrics. Combs’ sings of how he would always be playing music whether he had his current career or still playing in the local bars of Boone, North Carolina. While having a “Friday night crowd in the palm of my hand,” Luke exclaims in the song that he would still be the same exact person and have the same burning passion for music that he does not if never got discovered.

The second single to top the country charts was “The Kind of Love We Make.” Driven by the groovy guitar riffs and powerful drum beat, the up-tempo song will, without a doubt, get anyone up and dancing within the first 30 seconds of the No. 1 single. Co-written by Combs, Dan and Reid Isbell and guitar tech, Jamie Davis. Combs suggests to his girl “whatcha say we cancel our plans” so he can only be her man.

The last released single off of this album was the, Tracy Chapman inspired, heartbreaker “Going, Going, Gone.” Combs tells a story of a slipped away love saying that she is like a “Runaway Southbound Train.” This woman is bound to leave him, like “Lightning in the sky,” and there is no way that he can stop her. Luke took to the biggest stage in the music Industry on February 5th for his first ever Grammy performance. He moved everyone with the very intimate and beautiful rendition of the country, heartbreak ballad.

Luke Combs will continue to be a driving force in the country music industry. On March 24th, Combs is releasing his 6th studio album, Gettin’ Old. With this newest release, who knows how many more number ones Luke will add to his repertoire.


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