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Maybe Alyssa Lazar Did Change

Alyssa Lazar, a piano-influenced pop/rock artist based in Nashville began playing full gigs accompanied by her keyboard at most every bar and venue in her hometown of Scranton, PA when she was fourteen, and for the past three years, all throughout Nashville, where her sound has most often been described as “the love child of Elton John and Lady Gaga”.

Her upcoming single is the song she's most proud to have written, called “Maybe I Did Change”. It’s about moving on from a certain part or certain people in your life, and coming back to hear that “you’ve changed”, or that you’re no longer the person you were before. Lazar says "Writing this song made me realize that I did change, and that’s because I grew. This song was the realization that somebody who presents your change as a bad thing just doesn’t want to face the reality that you were able to grow into who you were meant to be without them."

“Maybe I Did Change” will be released on all platforms February 3rd, 2021.

Here is the pre-save link:


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