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  • Brelan Fitzpatrick

Morgan Wallen Is Taking It One Thing At A Time

Country star Morgan Wallen has been everywhere since the release of his newest album One Thing At A Time. Beginning his tour across the world, the One Night At A Time World Tour is just starting up in the United States. With a 36 track album, Wallen is on a roll of inspiration for his music.

The title track, while not the most popular song on the album at first, is now being played everywhere you can think of. Stuck between being sober and letting go of the girl he loves, Wallen sings of how he only has the willpower to quit one thing at a time.

Morgan Wallen has become a force in country music and has won over the hearts of many. He has gained over 12.3 billion on-demand streams and multi-platinum certifications. Listen to One Thing At A Time now!

Check out his music video performing “One Thing At A Time” as a One Records At A Time Session!


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