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Music Spotlight: Knee Deep

"Knee Deep" emerges as a groundbreaking musical narrative, blending the soul-stirring essence of gospel with the electrifying beats of hip-hop. Inspired by the visionary fusion of Kanye West's spiritual lyricism and contemporary hip-hop, this transcendent anthem delves deep into the human experience of grappling with our own imperfections and seeking redemption.

In a harmonious collaboration, three distinct voices converge to create a symphony of emotion and introspection. Terrain mack, a modern wordsmith navigates the labyrinthine journey of self-destruction, articulating the universal struggle of confronting inner demons and seeking solace in fleeting distractions. Kwicks hauntingly beautiful chorus serves as a beacon of hope, resonating with listeners and offering a glimmer of light amidst the darkness.

But it is the impassioned delivery of the Valentina Mami, soulful singer and rapper that truly elevates "Knee Deep" to new heights. With raw authenticity and unbridled emotion, she lays bare her own journey of remorse and repentance, casting her burdens at the feet of a higher power in a powerful act of catharsis.

"Knee Deep" transcends musical boundaries, inviting listeners of all backgrounds to join in a collective journey of empathy and redemption. It is more than just a song; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the universal longing for forgiveness and renewal.

With its captivating blend of soulful melodies and compelling lyrics, "Knee Deep" promises to touch hearts and open minds, leaving an indelible mark on all who experience its transformative power.

We asked Knee Deep to share a message to fans on the new project...

"A year ago I had never stepped foot in a church. Never opened the Bible and thought religious people were weird and we are weird but the good kind of weird :) cus now... I don’t do..I dont think…or feel things, negative things, that I did my whole life, anymore… I set boundaries. I set values. I set rules for myself and have learned so much that has now made me the happiest person I’ve ever been. 

"I’ve made mistakes. I’ve acted a fool, and Ive beaten myself up for being human, but I was forgiven by Him. Therefore I was able to forgive myself…and others. 

"If you’ve ever felt knee deep, at rock bottom, heart broken, addicted, hopeless, depressed….this song is to you." 

Meet “Knee Deep”

"Watch on YouTube, stream on every platform, share this post, and share what you can, however you can. As you know, I’m eternally grateful for all the support. I see everything and cherish your help.

"I share this song w/ such amazing and talented artists @k_wixks @terian_mack produced by @pnkblnkt And big thanks to @lifeofleeeric7 for bringing us all together. 

"Filmed by one of my best friends and legend @kylebertrand you are everything."


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