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  • Anabel Rossi

Nate DiRuzza is "The One" to Listen to

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Today, on January 31, 2023, Nate DiRuzza released his third album, “The One.” The latest album was released on all streaming platforms followed by 5 lyric videos for songs “Rebound,” “What You Want,” “Second Hand Kiss,” “Burns Me Every time,” and “Chasing Chances.” “The One” is preceded by DiRuzza’s first two albums “Wonders” and “Spell Cast.” “Spell Cast” was released in November of 2015 and kicked off DiRuzza as a singer-songwriter. Propelling the newest album, Nate DiRuzza put out five singles in anticipation of the release. The five singles include; “I and You,” “Madness,” “Playa Del Amor,” “Chains on Your Wings,” and “Heartless.”

Nate DiRuzza made this newest album with the thought of a true and traditional 70’s vibe. To kick off the album, Nate ventured into a new territory. “Playa Del Amor” plays off of extremely tradition Spanish guitar riffs and musical melodies. Singing about wanting to stay at the beach with is love, DiRuzza can reach a greater audience with this experimental song and dipping into a new style of music.

“Chains on Your Wings” is the leading single off of the album and has jumped to the number one spot on his Popular Song rank on his Spotify profile. Throughout this song Nate notices the hurt and shame that a woman is carrying, that all of her apparent baggage is weight down her angelic like wings. “What You Want” is another strong song off of the album. The song opens up with a powerful string section that then transfers into a guitar melody,This song embodies the 70s theme of the album.

You can listen to “The One” on all streaming platforms starting today by clicking the link here.


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