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Nicollette Sullivan Shines in Her Own Spotlight

Updated: May 25, 2021

Nicollette Sullivan’s self-titled debut album “Nicollette”, successfully carves out a unique identity with her distinctive sound. Sporting a unique blend of jazz, blues, and R&B with echoes of pop, Sullivan homes in on her own carefully crafted style thru her sound on this debut album.

Sullivan’s debut album is a level of sophistication and elegance that she conveys through a well-balanced combination of instrumentation and her subtle, laidback delivery. Evoking the essence of old-Hollywood glamour on tracks such as “Strychnine” and “Dreaming Time,” there are shades of Lana Del Rey’s influence present throughout. The smokiness of her voice, which is on full display throughout, was a highlight for us. The slower pace of most of the songs on the album provide her with enough room for her voice to carry the songs, shining the spotlight on the rich textures of her voice (see “Last Dance.”)

As the album comes to a close with the tracks “Holdin’ on to Yesterday,” and “Out of Control,” we see Sullivan expand her artistic capabilities by exploring slightly different, yet still distinctive sounds. The subtle reggae influence on “Holdin’ on to Yesterday” makes the track a standout on the album, providing a refreshing change of pace with a new sound that suits Sullivan’s voice like a perfectly knit glove. The album closer, “Out of Control,” also explores a somewhat different sound compared to the earlier tracks on the album, evoking memories of Jessie Ware’s 2020 album, “What’s Your Pleasure?”. “Out of Control” has clear pop-influences and is a fun, upbeat track that ends the album with a colorful, groovy bang.

If there’s one thing that Nicollette Sullivan has made clear, it’s that she knows who she is as an artist, and there is no one that can get in her way. On her debut LP, Sullivan shifts and bends between multiple genres to create a distinct, bluesy sound that fits around the layered textures of her voice perfectly. Whether you’re into jazz, blues, R&B, or pop, there is something on this album for all types of music listeners. For a debut album, “Nicollette” shows quite a variety of Sullivan’s talent, and serves as a grand opening for what is sure to be a long, successful career in music.

Nicollette Sullivan’s debut album, “Nicollette,” is out now on all streaming platforms!


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