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"Nothing With You" by Manic. and Maggie Miles is an Ethereal Ode to Doing Nothing

Upcoming pop-rock band Manic. teamed up with fellow Nashville artist Maggie Miles for the release of "Nothing With You." Featured on Manic.'s 4-track EP, the single is a captivating ode to relaxation and love.

Manic.'s lead singer Nicholas Banos carefully opens the first verse with his tender lyrics:

"I don't mind the cuts I might get / While trying to fix your broken pieces." He sings gently over the hypnotic guitar, even singing with the guitar on a downward riff right before the chorus which explores the feelings of just relaxing with your significant other and doing nothing. Miles enters carefully in the second verse, singing lyrics mirroring Banos': "I don't mind / But I'm barely breathing." The two join together in the final chorus which serves as the climax of the track. The duo's voices make for a unique blend - Miles' bright vocals and Banos' angsty pop-punk vocals combine to create a fresh sound. Until the end, the track serves as a slow, ethereal accompaniment - but in the final chorus it explodes to a powerful ballad-like anthem which drives their sentiment home.

"Nothing With You" is featured on Manic.'s debut EP The Butterfly Effect alongside three other singles. Miles most recently released her first full-length album, Am I Drowning Or Am I Just Learning To Swim in August. Stream and download "Nothing With You" everywhere now, and check out the artists below.


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