• Shannon McNaughton

Payton Howie Revisits Fan Favorites In New EP, Youngblood

Updated: Feb 22

“Youngblood encompasses every facet of who I am as a person and an artist"

Payton Howie’s strong story-writing abilities paired with her powerhouse vocals are just a few commodities that sets Payton Howie apart from the rest. Available today, her newest release Youngblood, is a collaboration of the singer/songwriters greatest singles.

Piecing together some of the fan favorites,Youngblood, includes “Country Before Me," highlighting prior country legends, and “Never Go Home,” known as a country party anthem.

“Youngblood encompasses every facet of who I am as a person and an artist,” describes Howie. “From my respect for the women of country to my rowdy side and love of country, I wanted to share every piece of it on this EP.”

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