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Pete Miller "I Wrote Hannah A Letter"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

From his release Live On Record, Pete Miller releases his latest single, I Wrote Hannah A Letter. This slow-tempo acoustic track is set more like a story, than a pop single as Pete Miller reaches into the folk elements to create a metaphorical tapestry of emotive expression, and a general malaise common to the classic vibe of the genre. A lifetime of heartbreak weighs in the song, as Pete Miller delivers his narrative of the regret and despair he feels from past mistakes. I Wrote Hannah a Letter is slow-paced and indicates heaviness, someone who has come to the end of something, with nothing left, this is their last gasp, reaching out to that one person that they are not getting anything in return. The forlorn became the main theme of this folk piece. Combined with these elements with a vocal performance that is clearly in and out of key, this artistic license allows Pete Miller to accentuate his cadences with a deliberate articulation resolving the overall tension that is built on each of his lyrical stanzas. The revolving theme beginning with I Wrote Hannah A Letter, allows the lyrical structure to maintain continuity and deliver an entertaining yet challenging disposition to the main symbolism of the song. That is to say, this simple yet effective folk song offers a much more diverse meaning than a simple why won't she write me back?

As Pete Miller continues to push through the folk market, and continuously accumulates more streams and plays with this Live On Record album, it is clear that this genre is a perfect resting spot for fans new to the genre, or those looking to rekindle what made traditional folk so enticing. The expert clarity with which Pete Miller’s voice carries out over the melodic form of the guitar lines allows contrast to the music. The melodies allow I Wrote Hannah A Letter to push forward with continuous momentum, while the vocals seem to be consistently chasing the groove adding to the syncopation with the beat. This absence of percussion, therefore, is not missed in any way, instead, this live performance aspect gives audiences a refreshing closeness to the artist and his work. Perfect for any commercial folk, soft rock, country, or blues radio format I Wrote Hannah A Letter is bound to help drive streams and plays of Pete Miller’s Live On Record to new heights. Personally, I quite enjoyed this track, both from a narrative perspective and a live performance intimacy.


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