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Point Of No Return by Todd Barrow

"I have visited California on numerous occasions." Says Barrow."The fact is my brother lives in Orange County just outside of LA. Here is how the story goes my brother left about 20 years ago and never came back to reside. Texas is more of a conservative state as California is a liberal state. There were more opportunities for him to expand in business and eventually own his own company. The song paints a picture of how he started with basically nothing to be very successful where things really took off for him. One day, I was thinking about all the stories he told me after leaving the lone star state and begin a new life on the west coast. California is a beautiful landscape of oceans, mountains with plenty of palm trees. Not to mention all the buzz around Hollywood with so many celebrities, professionals working in the motion picture industry. A song about going through the rough times and coming out on the other side of something amazing! Go after your dream it’s bigger than you can imagine. Now it’s your turn to find your point of no return."


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