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Restless Few's Debut Single "Paradise" is a Feel-Good Anthem

Country-pop band Restless Few released their debut single "Paradise" in September, and it serves as an upbeat, mood-boosting anthem that explores the feelings of freedom that come from falling in love.

The lyrics put the listener into a moment with a romantic partner and the exhilarating feelings of "paradise" experienced. "Pushin' the limit on a Tennessee night / Windows down, feel so alive / taking each other to Paradise," Lead singer Jordan Smith sings in the chorus over the country twang of the guitars. Her bright voice brings modern-pop vibes to the country inspired lyrics, combining to make a catchy track. The song features a sweet guitar riff after the second chorus, leading into a mellow bridge, followed by an escalation back to the final chorus which ends the song triumphantly.

Restless Few was born in 2018, started by five former students of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where they continue their career. Their goal is to bring joy to all who listen to their music. Check them out below, and stream their debut single "Paradise" everywhere now!

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