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See Your Shadow "Simple Special Moment"

What began life as a scribble on a cocktail napkin, is now the latest single from songwriters See Your Shadow, titled "Simple Special Moment." Spiraling around the theme of sharing a special moment with someone, especially in the times where one least expects it, See Your Shadow is able to capture the true magic of these innocent moments. As listeners play through this narrative interlaced with metaphor and strong imagery, we are told the delightful tale of a connection formed between patron and waitress in a little diner where once “I spilled coffee in my lap, said a four-letter word made her laugh, and we shared a simple special moment.” Each verse recounts different moments of this meeting and this day, how this one Simple Special Moment shaped the success and inspiration to follow. Coupled with a quick tempo acoustic guitar shuffle, Simple Special Moment keeps the momentum ever-driving forward, the catchy rhythm allows the vocals to shape each phrase with plenty of opportunities to explore different ways to resolve the tension of each cadence.

The falsetto vocals are contrasted with the lower register constriction as Michael Coleman shapes each verse to add that dynamic imagery, and place the audience in that diner at that fateful moment. As the choruses enter on the syncopated downbeat, the lyrical approach goes from a vast concept of the entire scenery of the diner, coupled with the atmosphere to the intricate minute detail of, “I had scrambled eggs, grits, and toast, the smell of bacon filled my nose.”

What is really striking about Simple Special Moment is the clarity in which the vocalist is able to carry out the overtones in his voice as he catches each chord change with the next inflection of emotion. This Americana Roots/Country track keeps to the folk-inspired melodies, yet traverses into modern pop styling’s. As See Your Shadow has demonstrated many times in the past, this ability to blur the lines of genre, while remaining true to the overall roots feel of his songwriting specialties offers the audiences a refreshing, and inspiring track that leaves them content and thoroughly entertained. The chorus on "Simple Special Moment" is quite catchy, getting stuck in the listener’s ear for hours after consuming. This infectious melody makes "Simple Special Moment" a perfect fit for any Middle-Of-The-Road, Adult Contemporary, or Country music commercial radio playlists. This is a very enjoyable piece of music, it's simple, yet the effective theme is a great canvas to tell a captivating and inspiring story, while the melodies make this a fun, and refreshing bit of music to sing-along to or relax with on a Sunday morning. "Simple Special Moment" is a great addition to the already impressive catalog of hits, See Your Shadow is amassing, and with multiple listens it should be part of your go-to playlist as well.

--Lee Callaghan


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