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Shannon McNeal’s Ode to Old Friends

It’s nice to have a friend, but it’s especially tough when you lose a friend, too. When you spend several important years of your life growing up with a friend, sometimes you grow apart, or life just gets in the way. Not everyone is a forever friend, and that is something that Shannon McNeal knows all too well. McNeal’s new song, “A Letter to Lost Friends,” is a beautiful folk-pop song about the experience of leaving some friends in the past (though you may still always have love for them.) In this song McNeal talks about the bittersweet feelings that arise when you and someone you once loved inevitably end up traveling separate paths in life.

Singing alongside a simple melody played on acoustic guitar, the song channels everything you could want from a folk-pop song about leaving behind cherished friends. It’s nostalgic, sentimental, and forward-thinking all at once, as she reminisces on the sweet days that have passed while wishing them well on their journeys moving forward. “In this song I shed light on the struggle and the necessity of bittersweet goodbyes during life's changes,” says McNeal. “Fittingly, a very close old friend, Wes Ellard, tracked guitar and sang backup on this track.”

Shannon McNeal’s new song “A Letter to Lost Friends” is available now on all streaming platforms!

Listen HERE


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