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  • Shannon McNaughton

Shari Rowe Releases 90s Country-Pop Anthem, “Last Time”

Following her two heartfelt single releases, “The Heavy” and “Love Hugs,” Shari Rowe exchanges her deep inspirational lyrics for a carefree 90s country-pop anthem. Shari and her co-writer Willie Morrison, had a vision for the single to be an easygoing, yet high-energy country ballad.“Last Time’ was a blast to write” said the pair.

“Last Time” is an edgy track which pulls the listener into her contemplation between risk and regret. “It puts a spin on the hook line ‘last time I’ll do that.’ It’s no longer about regret but instead, means that she’s found ‘the one’. The cover was designed to include that storyline."

“I’ve been imagining that there’s an unwritten third verse to the song, where the main character meets this amazing guy while she’s still in Vegas and they spontaneously get married” says Shari in Cowgirl Magazine.



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