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Shelby Lee Lowe Shares a Love Song of Gratitude in "Something in Me"

Tennessee-born, Nashville-based artist Shelby Lee Lowe is country with neo-traditional roots released his EP Something in Me this past Friday, and the title track is a touching message of gratitude and love.

In "Something in Me," Lowe humbly tells of his gratefulness for a significant other who loved him even when he felt as though he was too much of a mess to be loved. "Baby you saw somethin' in me / Not just a long gone lost cause / Train running off of the tracks," he sings in in the chorus. The raw tone of his voice adds authenticity to the track, which mirrors neo-traditional country of the 60's with a unique edge that gives modernity to his sentiment. It's a timeless yet fresh sound, and it serves as a beautiful message of his love and thankfulness.

"Something in Me" is the title track of Lowe's most recent EP, featuring two additional tracks. It's his most recent release since May of this year, when he released a 2 track project titled Joy Juice #2 Pack. You can stream Something in Me to hear the entirety of his EP everywhere now, and be sure to check him out below.


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