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Tarah Who? Honors Mom With “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre”

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Grunge punk-rock duo Tarah Who? honors Tarah’s mom with “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre.” Opening with dirty guitar riffs and colossal drums, Tarah Who? aims to recognize and appreciate her mother and commemorate their memories together through music. The guitar drives the track into an unforgettable rhythm with soft-rock flair.

“I hope to make you proud” they croon, plainly pointing out everyone’s goal to try to live up to mom’s expectations. When asked about the influence her mother had on her, Tarah admits, “Listening to music was one of our things. My mom shared with me the bands she used to go see live and I would share with her the bands I discovered.”

The title, although written in French, has a rather significant meaning. “La petite Boche” was originally meant as a slur against Germans. With Tarah’s grandfather being a German soldier, her French classmates used “La petite Boche” as an insult to her family. In an effort to turn a negative into a positive, Tarah decided to name this song “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre,” which gives the slur a new definition of love and admiration.

Listen to “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” on all streaming platforms now! To stay connected with Tarah Who? Follow them @tarahwho?


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