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  • Taylor Donohue

Tayiha: The Pop Powerhouse the Music Industry Needed.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Portraying the innocence of young love, on the brink of beautiful and disastrous; Australian pop artist Tayiha brings novelistic songwriting and magnificent producing to the table with “What I Needed.”

“I’m a bit of a movie addict and for this song I took a lot of inspiration from different coming of age movies like The Notebook, and My Girl,” shares the dedicated young artist. “I was also inspired by the relationships within my own life.”

Tayiha continues to bring delicate vocals and flawless instrumentals to each single she releases, and “What I Needed” is no exception. Never holding anything back, Tayihas' open-book songwriting style allows listeners to not only relate to the sincere artist but feel connected to her.

After graduating high school at the ripe age of 16 to fully immerse herself into her music career, Tayiha holds nothing back when writing music for fans. Whether she’s on the stage, or sitting at her home built studio recording music, Tayiha lives live boldly, and her music exemplifies her outspoken personality perfectly.

Tayiha’s expanding discography is not something you want to miss out on. With six of her singles released in 2021 only, Tayiha is a fiery force of nature who choses to spend her youth perfecting her craft. “What I Needed” portrays who Tayiha is at her core; a free sun who brings honest conversations into the pop music scene.

A rising powerhouse, Tayiha is exactly what we needed. Never dwelling on the insignificant things in life, Tayiha aims to create meaningful music. For more on Tayiha and her transparent storytelling, check out her socials @tayiha.official and stream “What I Needed” now on all platforms.


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