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Tennessee Outlaw Country Doesn't Hold Back On "Ghost Train"

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Some songs start off gradually, drawing you in patiently, while others dive in deep from the start. With an exhilarating jolt, Tennessee Outlaw Country’s “Ghost Train” grips you with hollering guitars and thumping drums. It’s the essence of southern rock and outlaw country, and this song doesn’t hold back in the slightest. It’s not the spirit of the genre.

Gritty and strong, the vocals capture you, entrancing you from start to finish. The vocalist demands your attention, and he’s a shining star in this song. Don’t forget about the rest of the band, though. There’s raw talent in the playing, and every element melds together to form a rocking song.

The lyrics are full of immersive description and imagery. No part of this song is halfway done or lacking. The production is impressive, hitting every mark for a powerful release. Whether you hear this on the radio or on your phone, you’re thrown into the song’s world. You see the black smoke and feel the thundering of the train down the tracks. It’s a steely adventure in the form of music, and there isn’t a second that lacks exhilaration.

--Mia DeSine

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