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The Unexpected Year

Shari Rowe reflects on the year of 2020 in her new single, “Long Hugs.” Rowe’s single releases March 19, 2021, just about a year after the world changed completely. Like many other artists, Rowe uses music to cope and get through hard times. 2020 was a year of staying inside, canceling plans, finding new hobbies, and a whole lot of wondering. Shari Rowe’s smooth vocals and country tune will make you feel comfort and ease while listening to “Long Hugs.” “Long Hugs is about slowing down, but it’s also about seizing the day,” expressed Rowe. “We’re not guaranteed anything beyond the moment that we’re in, so live in it fully; embrace it and share it. The world needs that kind of positivity, love, and inspiration.” The past year was a year no one ever could have imagined, but Rowe steps back and sees the good in all of the madness. “Long Hugs” is the perfect feel-good song that is guaranteed to brighten your mood. Check out More on Shari Rowe: https://open.spotify .com/artist/2MDsIohRekR6Mwg6hzNOwM?si=_hwR2dqpRceaGjxLtoXeV A


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